Taking Bold Action with Red

“I’ll do it when the time is right.”

“It takes time; I need to plan things properly before I act.”

“One wrong step and I will be dead!”

Where Do I Start?

It’s easy to get stuck in the thinking and planning phase. You can sit around making plans, working through the emotional blocks, thinking of the consequences and alternative plans. However, the bottom line is, if you don’t eventually get into action, you will only waste time. Taking the first step is the most crucial part.

Sometimes we tend to wait for the “right time” to arrive, or we need to feel we are mentally ready before we start taking actions. One of the reasons we delay taking action is a fear of making mistakes. The whole idea about taking the first step is to be prepared for mistakes to happen. Ask yourself: What is the worst-possible scenario?

One way to get started, is to get in motion first. Getting in motion means “warming up” the engine in order to prepare for the action. However, do not allow yourself to be in motion for too long, as motion does not create the result we want – only action creates results.

Excerpt from " Attract What You Want In Life Using The Power of Colour Visualisation"

Creative Visualisation is a special technique of using colours in our imagination to attract what we want in our life. In this book, you will be taken through 9 STEPS on how to begin the exciting journey of colour visualisation, starting from creating a desire or intention until you have materialise your goal and make them come true into reality.

Meet Eve Chegne


Discovering the natural skill and intuition to associate feelings and surrounding phenomena with colours, Eve is passionate about working with people and helps them into discovering their natural born potential through their life colours. She is the author of " Your Success Life Colour" and " Colour Visualisation".

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