Being Adventurous with Yellow Element

C’mon! Don’t just look at IT. Jump in and take a ride. Be adventurous and see the world beyond this fence🌟 You won’t regret it 🤩 Yellow element reminds us that life is indeed adventurous and fun.

Happy Yellow Wednesday!



" Your Success Life Colour by Eve Chegne"

Have you ever wonder why sometimes you are attracted or reject to certain colours? This is especially true when we have just recently experienced a change in career, life purpose or even recovering from a broken relationship. This easy-to-read colourful book may help us understand our needs for certain colours, promote personal growth, self-esteem, career success, creative inspiration, stress release and re-build our health. We can use these awareness and knowledge to positively change our thoughts and feelings, achieving the results we desire in our lives.

" Attract What You Want In Life Using The Power of Colour Visualisation by Eve Chegne"

Creative Visualisation is a special technique of using colours in our imagination to attract what we want in our life. In this book, you will be taken through 9 STEPS on how to begin the exciting journey of colour visualisation, starting from creating a desire or intention until you have materialise your goal and make them come true into reality.

Meet Eve Chegne


Discovering the natural skill and intuition to associate feelings and surrounding phenomena with colours, Eve is passionate about working with people and helps them into discovering their natural born potential through their life colours. She is the author of " Your Success Life Colour" and " Colour Visualisation".

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