Gillhams Fishing Resort @ Krabi, Thailand

Resort Feature of the Month

If you are wondering why a fishing resort for a relaxing holiday getaway? Well, if you happen to have a crazy husband who is addictive to fishing (like mine), then this place may be a good consideration for a complete couple relaxation. Husbands relaxing at the fishing lake, which is only a few steps away from the bungalows and wives can opt for massage and spa at the Benz Spa and maybe learn a few new Thai dishes at the Benz Cookery School.

Location of the Resort

Gillhams Fishing Resort is located in the beautiful coastal area of Krabi Southern Thailand. It’s about 19km from the lively seafront town of Ao-Nang. During our arrival, we were greeted by the beautiful surrounding lime stones, built within a national park, 3km from Lane Bay. There are 7 units of single bedroom bungalows and 7 units of 2 bedrooms bungalows, all facing the fishing lake.

Monster Fish

Apparently this 12-acre size catch-and-release fishing pond contains some of the most exciting monster fish like the 560lbs Arapaima ( you need to 3 persons to hold on to the fish), 80lbs Alligator gar, 100Kgs Amazon Red Tail Catfish, 45kgs Barramundi and the list continues..

My husband and his buddy patiently waited for 19 hours before their first (and only catch as of now) - the “Jullien’s Golden Carp" which weighed about 20lbs or so.

For me, it’s just my usual colour breathing session at 6am in the morning facing the majestic lime stone hills, and my traditional Thai massage at the Benz Spa. I didn’t get a chance to try out the cookery class this time, but I have definitely tasted some of the best and most authentic Thai food at the restaurant, especially the pineapple fried rice and chicken curry, yum..:-)

Early bookings are required, up to six months ahead sometimes. For more information, check them out at